AG&P: Beyond SteelTM

The Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company (“AG&P”) is a modular industrial delivery solutions provider that is changing how the construction world does business.

A leading provider of cutting-edge engineering, fabrication and contracting services to the international energy and natural resources industry, AG&P accelerates construction and delivers projects on-time, on-budget, anywhere in the world. With our 116 year history, AG&P has a singular reputation in building complex onshore process modules and offshore production, process, accommodation and wellhead platforms.

AG&P modularizes refineries and petrochemical plants, LNG facilities, offshore structures and their topsides, mining operations, power plants and civil infrastructure.

Paving the way through its integrated end-to-end modular delivery approach across the infrastructure life-cycle, AG&P has helped its clients reduce local sourcing and construction risk, leverage competitive resource rates, decrease project time-to-market, curb set-up costs and ultimately reduce logistical complexity.

From state-of-the-art fabrication and next generation modularization spanning disciplines Beyond SteelTM to its fit-for-purpose modular manpower, build-to-lease  proprietary assets and off-the-shelf construction products, AG&P brings infrastructure to its clients on-time, on-budget, anywhere in the world.

AG&P: Beyond SteelTM. Excellence Standardized.

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