AG&P is a leading infrastructure solutions provider delivering state-of-the-art, modularized products and support services to vessels, projects and plants. For more than a century, AG&P has been a pioneer in civil engineering and construction for the energy, natural resources and industrial sectors worldwide. Today, AG&P is among the world’s most prominent infrastructure solutions providers to the LNG industry.

  • 116

    years of experience in designing, building and delivering infrastructure making us the most experienced company of our kind in Asia

  • 150

    hectares of heavy fabrication and assembly space across two facilities, each with a deep sea port – one of the largest such operations in Asia

  • 125,000

    tons of annual production capacity delivered through advanced technology, machinery and a layout that maximizes efficiencies

  • 39

    million safe man-hours consecutively without Lost Time Incident (LTI) achieved through our consistent commitment to safety (@August 2016)

  • 68

    million man-hours over 8 years with only one minor LTI, setting world-leading safety standard (@ June 2016)

AG&P predicts LNG fuelling growth in Southeast Asia

The remote island geography of the Philippines and Indonesia coupled with a fall in the cost of LNG is driving growth in LNG fuelling infrastructure and demand, according to technology developer, Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific (AG&P). “We see the archipelagos of Indonesia and the Philippines as growth markets because of the anticipated switch from coal as a fuel for power to LNG, particularly as the landed cost of LNG is now roughly one-third of what it was just a few years ago,” Jose P. Leviste Jr, Chairman of AG&P told LNG Fuelling.

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AG&P announces major investment in GAS Entec, a specialist Korean gas engineering company, to offer state-of-the-art small-and mid-scale LNG infrastructure

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), a global leader in infrastructure solutions for energy, natural resources and other industrial companies, has announced a major investment in GAS Entec, a pioneering, Korea-based engineering and design firm dedicated to small and mid-scale LNG applications. Together, AG&P and GAS Entec provide a suite of onshore and floating products for the distribution and use of LNG, such as LNG storage, regasification, LNG fuel bunkering, LNG-fueled power solutions, next-generation mooring structures and cold storage applications.

Founded by Mr. C.H. Kwak and Mr. S.R. Choi, long-time partners and innovators in the LNG application field, GAS Entec boasts successful case studies in the use of LNG. The company has designed and built a Floating Regasification Unit (FRU) operating successfully in Bali, Indonesia. In addition, GAS Entec engineered critical systems in the first LNG bunker vessel ever built in North America that will serve the port of Jackson ville, Florida.

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