Atlantic Gulf & Pacific Company of Manila (AG&P) is a global leader in infrastructure modularization, construction and gas logistics including LNG import, break-bulk and LNG distribution. For more than 118 years, AG&P has been delivering its innovative products and services to the energy, resources and industrial sectors worldwide. With four lines of business: LNG Terminals, LNG Distribution, Modular Construction and Onsite Construction, the world’s leading safety record and a AAAA contractors rating, AG&P continues to change the way the construction world does business.

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January 2018: AG&P’s unique scalable LNG supply chain model will unlock gas-to-power market opportunities in developing gas economies

AG&P, the Philippines-based company at the forefront of developing pragmatic, end-to-end LNG delivery solutions, says demand aggregation is the key to growing and unlocking the market for gas.
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January 2018: AG&P a finalist in the Oil and Gas Council’s Asia Pacific Energy Awards

AG&P has been nominated as a finalist in the “APAC New Entrant of Year” category for the Asia Pacific Energy Awards, organized by the Oil and Gas Council’s Asia Pacific Energy Assembly, to be hosted in Singapore. The nomination was made by 64 judges of the APAC Oil and Gas Council.
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December 2017: AG&P achieves 47 million consecutive man-hours without LTI

AG&P has reached another world-leading safety milestone, achieving 47 million consecutive man-hours without Lost-Time Incident (LTI).
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Feature articles

January 2018: Budget 2018: Need to bet big on natural gas to fuel economic growth

India needs an overarching policy to support its plans to increase the share of natural gas in the energy mix and replace conventional fuels for household use as well as industrial utilities, AG&P’s Abhilesh Gupta writes.
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January 2018: Why liquefied natural gas is critical to Kenya’s energy mix

At a recent environmental forum in Nairobi, the Kenya Government reaffirmed its intention to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using cleaner fuels and tapping into renewable energy sources, AG&P writes.
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September 2017: Small-scale LNG slowly takes shape in Indonesia

With the global supply glut not expected to vanish anytime soon and new markets proving challenging, the LNG industry needs to find fresh ways of doing business.
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Global Forum on Infrastructure Strategies

The first Global Forum on Infrastructure Strategies will be held in Manila, Philippines on December 8, 2017. Stay tuned for more details on AG&P's participation.


Maritime Week Africa

Maritime Week Africa will be held in Capetown, South Africa on December 13-14, 2017. AG&P will be discussing how its infrastructure solutions will transform South and South-West Africa into an energy hub. Stay tuned for more details.


Asia Pacific (APAC) Energy Assembly

The 2018 APAC Assembly will be held in Singapore on January 24-25, 2018. Stay tuned for more details on AG&P’s participation.

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