Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company (AG&P) is a Philippines-based pioneer of efficient, high value, modular infrastructure for the energy, natural resources and industrial sectors worldwide. Our innovative solutions are used in refineries, LNG export and import facilities, power, petrochemical, and mining plants. With operations in the USA, India and Indonesia, we are at the forefront of the rapidly emerging LNG industry.


Developing the infrastructure that is needed for a reliable and affordable supply of LNG


Removing complexity, accelerating schedule and lowering the cost of industrial infrastructure

Onsite construction

Offering next-generation modular construction and skilled manpower in the Philippines and globally

Global engineering capability

Proprietary products


July 22, 2017: AG&P to develop lower-cost, fast-turnaround infrastructure solutions to deliver gas to off-grid customers in the Philippines

Atlantic, Gulf & Pacific Company (AG&P), the 117-year old leading Philippines-based infrastructure company, is building on its established modularization business to pave the way for delivery of LNG to power companies and industrial customers that are not connected to existing gas pipelines.
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July 19, 2017: AG&P Engineering Inc. launched in USA to drive expansion in fast-growing LNG industry

AG&P (Atlantic, Gulf and Pacific Company), the global pioneer of high-value modular infrastructure now at the forefront of developing LNG receiving terminals and their supply chains, has launched AG&P Engineering Inc. in Houston, USA, creating a global powerhouse of engineering talent under one roof.
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LNG Transport, Handling & Storage Forum 2017

LNG Forum Series, Asia’s only platform bringing together stakeholders in storage and distribution infrastructure, will hold its 7th Annual LNG Transport, Handling and Storage Forum in Bali, Indonesia on September 11-14, 2017. Stay tuned for more information about Risco Energy I AG&P’s participation in this event.
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LNGgc 2017

LNGgc, the UK’s premier LNG conference addressing the entire LNG value chain, will be held in London from September 18-20, 2017. Stay tuned for more information about AG&P’s participation in this event.
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AG&P pushing new standardized LNG solutions

Pipeline Magazine sat down with Derek Thomas, Head-Advanced Research & Development AG&P during Gastech to learn about the firm's new integrated plug‐and‐play solutions for LNG supply network in Asia.
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Fueling Asian LNG markets

While Asia has abundant LNG supply, the region still lacks the right infrastructure and commercial arrangements to develop the necessary LNG supply networks to sustainably meet rising demand, AG&P’s Derek Thomas explains.
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Joining Forces

Derek Thomas, AG&P, USA, explains how partnerships in small scale LNG solutions will transform Indonesia.
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Fast facts

  • years of experience in designing, building and delivering infrastructure, making us the most experienced company of our kind in Asia.

  • hectares of heavy fabrication and assembly space across two facilities, each with a deep sea port - one of the largest such operations in Asia.

  • million consecutive man-hours without Lost-Time Incident (LTI) achieved through our unwavering commitment to safety (at July 2017).

  • million man-hours over 9 years with only one minor LTI, setting the world-leading safety standard (at July 2017).

  • tons of annual production capacity delivered through advanced technology, machinery and a layout that maximizes efficiencies.