Design of the virtual LNG pipeline

  • AG&P is a single point of contact for customers developing high value energy assets across the LNG supply chain from financing LNG import terminals and their distribution networks, through to commercializing operations for power generation and industrial applications
  • Recognizing the global need for LNG infrastructure assets, AG&P has created a world-leading franchise in industrial solutions for small- and mid-scale LNG infrastructure to design a complete virtual LNG pipeline. Through strategic partnerships, licenses and investments, AG&P’s LNG capabilities include:
  • Designing LNG infrastructure through the company’s ownership stake in GAS Entec, the world’s leading small to mid-scale LNG engineering firm based in Busan, Korea
  • Fabricating, commissioning, delivering and operating infrastructure including tank outfitting through AG&P’s license from GTT (Gaztransport and Technigaz). GTT is the highly-regarded French company whose proprietary LNG membrane containment technology is used in 75% of the world’s LNG tankers and onshore storage tanks
  • Integrating specialized equipment into AG&P’s designs for vessels and other LNG-related products

LNG import terminals

Onshore and offshore storage and regasification

LNG bunkering ships

LNG carriers

LNG fueled power barges

LNG-Transfer Platforms (LTP)