• The sharp decline in oil and gas prices has resulted in developers around the world cutting spending on upstream exploration and production. But, bright spots exist. Industries such as refining, chemicals, petrochemicals and LNG-fueled power, bunkering, industrial and transportation are benefitting from cheap fuel as feedstock
  • Demand for cleaner and more accessible sources of fuel and energy is therefore growing substantially, particularly in emerging economies
  • AG&P offers end-to-end standardized, small- and mid-scale LNG assets and infrastructure for the growing distributed energy requirements of Southeast Asia, in particular archipelago nations such as Indonesia and the Philippines, to North America, Europe and the riverine environments as India
  • Growing from AG&P’s unique alliances, comprehensive processes, control systems and the enormous physical plant of its modularization business, AG&P offers:
  • Pioneering solutions to use LNG for power, bunkering, cold storage and transportation
  • Unique, standard products for downstream and LNG-related energy sectors

LNG process modules



Gas pre-processing

Compression utilities and offsites